30 October 2006, Monday

On 27 October the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Bazorkina v Russia became final in accordance with Article 44 § 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights. ECHR decisions become final three months after the judgment is published if no appeal to the Grand Chamber is requested, or when the panel of the Grand Chamber rejects the appeal.  

The state now has three months, or until 27th January 2007, to award  the applicant, Fatima Bazorkina, the pecuniary and non-pecunairy damages and costs designated to her as just satisfaction by the Court.

But the implementation of the Court's decision should not be limited to monetary payments.

The State's obligation to abide by the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in accordance with Article 46, paragraph 1, of the Convention involves an obligation to promptly adopt individual measures that will grant the applicants redress for the violations found (restitutio in integrum) to the fullest extent possible. The state is also obligated to implement certain general measures to the fullest extent possible, including interim measures to halt on-going violations of the Convention and to prevent the recurrence of similar violations.  Such measures may also include a re-opening of domestic proceedings, a committment to bring to justice those responsible for the rights violated, and the publication, official translation, and distribution of the Court's decision at traininings for law-enforcement and military personnel.

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