29 December 2015, Tuesday

The Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee for Sunzhensky District, Republic of Ingushetia, has detained Murad Khuseinovich Paragulgov, nephew of Mukharbek Yevloyev, husband of Marem Aliyeva who went missing in September. Paragulgov is suspected of kidnapping Marem’s sister Elizaveta Aliyeva and of unlawful invasion of her home.  

As reported previously, Marem Aliyeva had repeatedly complained of beatings by her husband. In summer 2015 she ran away from home with her children. Then a group of men kidnapped Marem’s sister Elizaveta and demanded to know where Marem had gone. The investigators have by now established the identity of only one kidnapper, Yevloyev’s nephew Murad Khuseinovich Paragulgov.

Eventually, the husband took Marem and children from the women’s crisis center and brought them back to Ingushetia in August 2015. On the day before her disappearance she called her sister and complained about more beatings by husband. The fate of Marem reamins unknown. According to Elizaveta, Mukharbek had repeatedly shaved Marem’s head, knocked out her teeth and cut off the tip of her thumb. Marem repeatedly ran away from him, but Yevloyev would force her back and continue to abuse her. Marem disappeared in September 2015. Her children say they heard their mother’s beating by father, her cries for help, saw pools of blood in the house and their mother’s bloodied hair.

Even though Elizaveta’s kidnapping took place on 10 July 2015, it was only 5 months later that the criminal case on her abduction was filed, simulataneously with the criminal case of Marem’s muder by unknown persons.

Elizaveta was recognized as a victim in the criminal case, but she has come under tremendous pressure. She says Yevloyev’s relatives demand that she withdraw her statements and admit to perjury. Several witnesses have already recanted their previous statements under similar pressure.

The victim has still not been granted state protection measures.

Vitaly Zubenko and Olga Gnezdilova, lawyers for Russian Justice Initiative, are representing Elizaveta Aliyeva in this case.

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