21 March 2016, Monday
Request lodged to transfer investigation of domestic violence murder case from Ingushetia to Moscow

A petition was sent today to the Investigative Committee of Russia requesting the transfer to Moscow of the investigation into Marem Aliyeva’s murder from the Ingush investigative authorities.

Lawyer Olga Gnezdilova of Russian Justice Initiative said the reason for the petition was  “the absence of investigation results and the continued threats to the victims, despite the state protection measures. In the six months that have passed since the disappearance of Marem, the investigation has not advanced a single step.”

During the forensic search at the house of Mukharbek Yevloyev, the husband of the missing Marem Aliyeva, a rug with scarlet stains was removed, and swabs were taken of stains on the wall, heating pipes and sofa. Fabric and hair fragments with traces of soot were also removed. However, the forensic test results have never been made known to the victim in this case, Elizaveta Aliyeva – Marem’s sister.

Marem Aliyeva’s husband and his relative are now under house arrest and in detention, respectively, but on a different charge – for the abduction of Elizavata Aliyeva, which occurred when Marem ran away from home in summer 2015.

The inquiries to various institutions have established that Marem did not leave the country, did not seek medical help, and that her identification papers remained at home.

The last communication from Marem came on 19 September 2005, when she called her sister Elizaveta Aliyeva and said she feared physical violence on the part of her husband Mukharbek Yevloyev since he had promised to “get even with her” for her complaint to the law enforcement agencies because of yet another beating. Only half-an-hour after her sister’s call, Elizaveta could not reach her on the phone. When Elizaveta came to her sister’s house, the sister’s children were crying, saying that their mother was dead and that they had seen their mother’s bloodied hair.

In complaints to law enforcement, Marem claimed that Mukharbek Yevloyev had beaten her for years, including while she was pregnant, shaved her head, and cut off the tip of her thumb. No response was ever forthcoming from law enforcement.

Since the summer of 2015, Russian Justice Initiative has been representing Elizaveta Aliyeva in the defense of the interests of her sister Marem Aliyeva.

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