26 May 2016, Thursday

We learned today that Ayub Tuntuyev, who applied to the ECHR on May 8, 2016, over alleged torture in a Vladimir Region prison colony, had investigators and FSB officials come to see him. They obtained from him a new confession and got him to renounce the new lawyer who was handling his case.

On May 27, 2015, at Prison Colony 6 in Melikhovo, Vladimir Region, Tuntuyev signed a confession stating that he took part in combat in Chechnya and Dagestan in 2000-2005. He described the severe beating he received, which forced him to sign the documents the investigators gave him. After this, he was transferred to Pyatigorsk. There, he underwent a lie detector test, following which the investigation was halted and Tuntuyev was returned to the Vladimir Region prison, where he was immediately confined for six months to a cell.   

Now, news has emerged of another incidence of beating. On May 17, at 10am, two men entered Tuntuyev’s cell and put a blindfold on him. “One of them dealt me 4-5 blows to the kidneys”, Tuntuyev told lawyers. “Then one of the two said, ‘Others will come to see you today and you will sign everything they give you to sign’. They also assured me that if I refused to sign the documents, I would be raped and then I’d be fed poisoned food. After these words, one of them hit me again on the head with his fist, and dealt me two blows in the chest with his knee. I agreed to their demands to sign all the documents.”  

The result was that Tuntuyev signed more than 50 sheets of procedural documents, including a document refusing his lawyer, Tagir Shamsudinov.

Three days later, on May 20, 2016, FSB officials came to Tuntuyev and asked him who helped him to send an application to the ECHR.

Olga Gnezdilova, lawyer with Russian Justice Initiative, said, “We will inform the Court about the pressure put on the applicant over his application”. 

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