25 May 2017, Thursday

At a hearing on May 25, 2017, the Ingushetia Supreme Court rejected the appeal against the sentences given to the abductors of Yelizaveta Aliyeva and upheld the decision of February 20, 2017, sentencing Mukharbek Yevloyev to six years in a high security prison colony and a fine of 80,000 roubles for Aliyeva’s abduction. Yevloyev’s accomplice, Murad Paragulgov, was sentenced to five years in a high security prison colony and a fine of 50,000 roubles. Search warrants are out for four other relatives of the accused. 

“The case was difficult. During the trial, many of the witnesses to the abduction went back on the evidence they’d given during the investigation”, said lawyer Olga Gnezdilova. “Our client, Yelizaveta Aliyeva, was under great pressure to ‘withdraw her statement’, and was forced to leave Ingushetia together with her four children. She is now in an undisclosed location. Following the Supreme Court decision, we have the hope the murder of Marem Aliyeva will be investigated too”.

Marem Aliyeva fled her home in July 2015, escaping from a violent husband, Mukharbek Yevloyev. Yevloyev forced her to return home. In September 2015, Yelizaveta Aliyeva reported that her sister had disappeared. A murder case was opened two weeks later, but no charges were laid and Marem’s body was never found. Yelizaveta Aliyeva believes that Mukharbek Yevloyev is involved in her sister’s disappearance.

“The police simply ignored all the complaints about domestic violence the Aliyeva sisters made before Marem’s disappearance”, Olga Gnezdilova said. “No criminal charges were made against Marem’s husband, Mukharbek Yevloyev”.

Lawyers from Justice Initiative sent an application to the ECHR for violations by the authorities of articles 2, 3, and 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights (right to life, prohibition of torture, and prohibition of discrimination) in connection with the police’s refusal to investigate Marem Aliyeva’s complaints about beatings by her husband, and the lack of an effective investigation into Marem’s murder.

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