04 August 2017, Friday

“We learned today that convicted person Mukharbek Yevloyev has been released from prison, despite the fact that the Ingushetia Supreme Court rejected the appeal against his sentence”, announced Olga Gnezdilova, a  lawyer with Justice Initiative. “We know that the Ingushetia Supreme Court Presidium accepted to examine Yevloyev’s appeal and the hearing date was set for August 17, 2017. We sent requests but received neither a copy of the appeal nor the appeal ruling. We will seek clarification of the grounds for this decision to release Mukharbek Yevloyev and of why the plaintiff in this abduction case, Yelizaveta Aliyeva, was not informed about the appeal hearing”, Gnezdilova said.   

Lawyers from Justice Initiative submitted a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for violation by the Russian authorities of articles 2,3 and 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights, specifically, violation of Maryem Aliyeva’s right to life and the bans on torture and discrimination. The police refused to act on Yelizaveta Aliyeva’s complaint that her sister, Maryem Aliyeva, was being beaten by her husband, Mukharbek Yevloyev. In addition, no investigation is being conducted into the presumed murder of Maryem Aliyeva.

In 2015, Mukharbek Yevloyev abducted Yelizaveta Aliyeva. This is the only episode in this chain of events that the authorities actually investigated. After the investigation began, Yelizaveta Aliyeva started receiving threats and was forced to leave Ingushetia together with her children. 

As was reported earlier, the Ingushetia Supreme Court twice postponed examination of the appeal against the sentence of Yevloyev and his accomplice Paragulgov. Ultimately, the Supreme Court rejected the appeal against the sentence given Mukharbek Yevloyev in February 2017. He had been sentenced to six years in a maximum security prison colony and a fine of 80,000 roubles for the abduction of Yelizaveta Aliyeva. 

Today, on August 4 2017, it was announced that Yevloyev has been released. There is no information on the whereabouts of his accomplice, Murad Paragulgov. Knowing that Yevloyev is now free, Yelizaveta Aliyeva fears for her and her family’s safety.  

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