31 May 2016, Tuesday

On May 28, 2016, Ayub Tuntuyev was transferred to an unknown destination, probably in Pyatigorsk (Stavropol Territory Department of the Federal Corrections Service Remand Prison No 2), to the location where investigations were taking place into the crimes that he confessed to after undergoing a beating and threats of rape.    

Tuntuyev, in his new statement of May 20, 2016, said that he was taken from his cell and taken to be interrogated by an FSB officer who had already threatened him earlier when he was in Prison Colony 6. 

The FSB officer asked him who acted on his behalf to send an application to the ECHR. Subsequently, he was beaten and forced to sign 50 sheets of procedural documents. He was also forced to refuse the services of a lawyer.

Tuntuyev fears that the atmosphere of total impunity regarding FSB officers could lead to new beatings and sexual violence. “The investigator said that I must sign a document refusing the services of lawyer Tagir Shamsutdinov, who was protecting my interests. I made it known to the investigator that I did not wish to do this. The investigator did not insist. Later, the investigator left Prison Colony 6 and the FSB officers I mentioned above began making verbal threats and promised that I would have trouble”, he said.

Tuntuyev has made two applications to the European Court of Human Rights, complaining about torture and the authorities’ refusal to investigate these instances of torture.

Lawyers from Russian Justice Initiative note the investigation agencies’ total lack of action and the pressure put on Tuntuyev and have asked for Rule 39 of the ECHR regulations to be applied to Tuntuyev. 

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