SJI is dedicated to the legal protection of victims of human rights violations connected to armed conflict and counter-terrorism operations, torture and gender-based violence in the post-Soviet region. We strive to ensure that victims of such abuse have access to effective legal remedies on the domestic level, and utilize international mechanisms, including the European Court of Human Rights, when domestic remedies are inadequate. We use the judgments we obtain in order to restore victims’ rights and to push for systemic reform in law and policy. We build the capacity of legal professionals, NGOs, human rights defenders and other stakeholders through trainings, legal consultations, mutually beneficial partnerships and original research and publications on relevant human rights topics. We seek to raise greater public awareness about the protections afforded by international human rights standards and current gaps in national policy and practice, by sharing significant human rights case law, highlighting legacies of conflict, and contributing to ongoing dialogues about human rights protection for vulnerable groups.