Moscow’s Perovo District Court returns custody rights to the mother of five children

“In November 2015, the UN Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women, in its comments on a report by the Russian Federation, noted that the idea in the North Caucasus that children ‘belong’ to the father means in practice that after divorce, women often lose all contact with their children”, said lawyer with Russian Justice Initiative Bike Gyulmagomedova. “Iman Khadzhimuradova’s case is thus not an exception but is a result of trends that Russia is supposed to combat. As...
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Response to Russian Government memorandum on the case of Leyla Muruzheva sent to the ECHR

We received the Government’s commentaries, which included among the attached documents, among others, the explanations of the children’s father, who took them from Muruzheva”, said lawyer with Russian Justice Initiative Bike Gyulmagomedova. “His explanations state that the children are at a health resort with their grandmother and ‘new mother’. Let me recall that in June 2014, the Izmailovsky District Court ruled that the children should live with their mother, but they have not been...
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RJI submits shadow report to UN Women’s Committee on Women’s Rights in the North Caucasus

In preparation for the 62 nd session of the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women—the monitoring body of the United Nation’s “Women’s Convention” or CEDAW—Russian Justice Initiative (RJI) and the Chechnya Advocacy Network (CAN) submitted a shadow report to the Committee concerning Russia’s compliance with the CEDAW Convention in the North Caucasus region. In preparation for the 62 nd session ...
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