01 June 2018, Friday SJI released its second report on the practice of female genital mutilation in Dagestan on 1 June 2018 - the International Day for the Protection of Children. As we reported in 2016, FGM is performed on young girls up to the age of 3 in certain mountain villages.

The second report, "The practice of female gential mutilation in Dagestan: strategies for its elimination," presents the results of further unique field research about the attitude of men to the practice, in general as well as in regard to their own wives, daughters or other female relatives. The research showed that while men will undoubtedly play a role in any effort to oppose the practice, women are the driving force behind its preservation in the areas where it is still performed. SJI's researcher also interviewed 50 religious leaders in
Dagestan in practicing and non-practicing areas. Interestingly, while young male respondents refer to religion as one of the main motivating factors for carrying out FGM, this is not backed up by religious leaders. The report also provides contextual background, analysis of data and estimations of prevalence, as well as additional research into strategies for the elimination of FGM around the world, many of which could be employed in this region today.

The full text of the second report is available on the link https://www.srji.org/upload/iblock/957/The_practice_of_female_genital_mutilation_in_Dagestan_strateg...

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