The Decision

The Judgment The judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Bazorkina v. Russia was delivered on 27 July 2006 and will become final in the circumstances set out in Article 44 § 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights. To read the text of the judgment please follow the link: Bazorkina v. Russia EUROPEAN ...
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Khashiyev and Akayeva group

... BABUSHEVA AND OTHERS 24/09/2009 01/03/2010 20727/04 BANTAYEVA AND OTHERS 12/02/2009 14/09/2009 15441/05+ BASAYEVA AND OTHERS 28/05/2009 06/11/2009 11354/05 BATAYEV AND OTHERS 17/06/2010 22/11/2010 74237/01 BAYSAYEVA 05/04/2007 24/09/2007 69481/01 BAZORKINA 27/07/2006 11/12/2006 8347/05 BENUYEVA AND OTHERS 22/07/2010 22/11/2010 27233/03 BERSUNKAYEVA 04/12/2008 05/06/2009 37315/03 BETAYEV AND OTHERS 29/05/2008 01/12/2008 36156/04 BITIYEVA AND OTHERS 23/04/2009 06/11/2009 57953/00+ BITIYEVA AND ...
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Human Rights Watch Releases Report on Implementation of "Chechen Judgments"

... Me What Happened to My Son? , on which RJI was a close collaborator, describes the lack of progress made by Russia in implementing ECtHR decisions from Chechnya, and details some of the post-judgment developments in many of RJI’s cases, including Bazorkina, Imakayeva, Baysayeva, and Khatsiyeva and others. Human Rights Watch officially communicated this report to the Committee of Ministers in September under Rule 9 of the Rules for the Supervision of the Execution of Judgments. The report Who ...
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