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29 December 2015

Suspect in domestic violence death case detained in Ingushetia

The Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee for Sunzhensky District, Republic of Ingushetia, has detained Murad Khuseinovich Paragulgov, nephew of Mukharbek Yevloyev, husband of Marem Aliyeva who went missing in September. Paragulgov is suspected of kidnapping Marem’s sister Elizaveta Aliyeva and of unlawful invasion of her home.  

21 December 2015

Russia confirms before the European Court a discriminatory approach towards mothers in the North Caucasus

On 21 December 2015 Russian Justice Initiative sent its Observations on the Russian Government’s position concerning the case of Elita Magomadova v Russia, who has not seen her now six-year-old son for more than two years.

9 December 2015

Commentary: Russia’s Constitutional Court versus the European Court of Human Rights

On 9 December 2015 the Federation Council of the Russian legislature approved amendments to the Federal Law “On the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation", which for the first time in 17 years since Russia's ratification of the European Convention will allow Russia to legally ignore the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights.

8 December 2015

European Court holds Russia responsible of right-to-life violation

The decisions by the European Court for Human Rights have demonstrated the illegality of the detention of Sagayev and Mukayev and the failure of the investigation into their disappearance. In accordance with the Court’s judgment, the Russian Federation must pay both Khasan Sagayev’s sister and Rasul Mukayev’s parents  €60,000 in moral damages. Mukayev’s parents also received €10,000 in material damages. Upon learning of the decision of the European Court for Human Rights, the relatives of Khasan Sagayev and Rasul Mukayev have stated that they still hope for the uncovering of the crimes and that their loved ones will be found. Khava Sagayeva has noted that the plate number of the APC that took away her brother is known, which means that it is possible to identify the servicemen responsible and to establish the facts of what happened next. Russian Justice Initiative will continue to seek the enforcement of the judgment of the ECtHR – not only as concerns the compensation payments, but also the investigation as such.