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14 June 2016

Kirov region court to examine the possibility of releasing Amur Khakulov on health grounds

Russian Justice Initiative has handled Khakulov’s case since September 2015 in the national courts, and in September and then October 2015 applied to the ECHR in connection with Khakulov’s worsening condition. A series of measures and actions made it possible to ensure that Khakulov started receiving some medical treatment and Ketosteril in the Nalchik remand prison. Khakulov’s representatives and lawyers demanded that he receive regular medical assistance from kidney specialists, undergo kidney substitution treatment, and that a medical commission evaluate his state of health and that his sentence be revised in accordance with the conclusions.   

7 June 2016

The ECHR will examine Ayub Tuntuyev’s application under priority policy

Tuntuyev, in his most recent statement of May 20, 2016, said that he was taken from his cell and taken to be interrogated by an FSB officer who had already threatened him earlier when he was in Prison Colony 6. The FSB officer asked him who acted on his behalf to send an application to the ECHR. Subsequently, he was beaten and forced to sign 50 sheets of procedural documents, the contents of which were unknown to him. He was also forced to refuse the services of a lawyer.  “The investigator said that I must sign a document refusing the services of lawyer Tagir Shamsutdinov, who was protecting my interests. I made it known to the investigator that I did not wish to do this. The investigator did not insist. Later, the investigator left Prison Colony 6 and the FSB officers I mentioned above began making verbal threats and promised that I would have trouble”, Tuntuyev said.

7 June 2016

The ECHR will rule on the case of Zelikha Magomadova, who had six children taken from her

“In court, the in-laws stated that Magomadova was avoiding her childrearing duties, but we know that they prevented any attempt on her part to have contact with the children. They did not let her into the house to the children, and in some instances, they beat her when she tried to enter the house”, said lawyer with Russian Justice Initiative Olga Gnezdilova. “Her in-laws succeeded in overturning the court decision giving custody of the children to the mother, with the result that the children’s uncle, her late husband’s brother, was appointed the children’s guardian”. 

3 June 2016

Yelizaveta Aliyeva filed a complaint with the court for inaction by police and investigators

On June 2, 2016, lawyers from Russian Justice Initiative sent to the court a complaint about inaction by Investigative Committee investigators and police officers in Ingushetia’s Sunzhensky District. Aliyeva asks the court to recognize the illegality of the law enforcement agencies’ inaction, which has gone on for nearly a year now. She states that indifference to the complaints of her sister, Marem Aliyeva, about domestic violence led to her probably murder.