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17 May 2012

RJI submits observations on the implementation of 13 cases from the North Caucasus to the Committee of Ministers

On 17 May 2012 Russian Justice Initiative submitted observations to the Committee of Ministers under Rule 9 concerning individual measures in 11 cases in the Khashiyev group, including in three cases cited by the Committee’s December 2011 Interim Resolution (CM/Res/DH (2011) 292).

15 May 2012

Russian Government reports application of amnesty law to perpetrator arrested in connection with torture in the Oktyabrskiy ROVD in 2000

Alaudin Sadykov was held and tortured in the Temporary Office of the Interior (ROVD) of the Oktyabrskiy District for approximately three months in the year 2000. During his detention, the ROVD officers forced him to chew and swallow his own hair, severely burned the palm of his right hand, broke his nose and ribs, kicked out several of his teeth, and finally, cut off his left ear. Materials from the criminal case file revealed that the identity of the likely perpetrators was known, and that various investigative measures aimed at establishing their involvement had been ordered, yet the investigation had made no progress. The European Court pointed to “remarkable shortcomings” in the course of the investigation which it deemed “absurd” and which highlighted a severe lack of professionalism and the unwillingness of the authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice.

15 May 2012

Russian Governments submits report to the Committee of Ministers on Progress of Implementation in the Chechen Cases

On 15 May 2012 the Russian Government submitted a comprehensive report to the Committee of Ministers. Along with a small report on general measures, the submission provides an update on investigative measures undertaken post-ECtHR judgment in 13 cases, which is by far the most comprehensive update on specific cases ever provided to the Committee.