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31 July 2020

SJI submits report on implementation of Volodina v Russia

The Court found that the Russian authorities had failed to protect the applicant from the violent actions of her former partner, and was the first judgment finding Russia responsible for gender-based discrimination against women due to the lack of effective remedies for domestic violence. The Court also found the Russian legal framework inadequate in the task of preventing, responding to and punishing domestic violence. 8 months since the entry into force of the Court's judgment, the crimes committed against the applicant have not been investigated and the perpetrator has not been punished. Rather, the applicant has received 11 new refusals to initiate criminal proceedings from three different regional authorities.

5 July 2020

SJI joins report on gender-based violence in Russia during Covid-19

SJI joined six other organizations Zona Prava, ANNA  Centre for the Prevention of Violence, Consortium of Women’s Non-Governmental Associations, “YouAreNotAlone” Women’s Mutual Help Network, The Sisters Centre, and The Kitezh Centre in submitting data concerning the rise in domestic violence during the quarantine imposed in Russia in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. The report summarizes information on the situation with domestic violence during the lockdown period between March and May 2020, as shared and reported by seven different organizations and their regional partners. SJI's contributions focused on trends in gender-based violence in the North Caucasus and Pskov regions.