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27 February 2017

Application on disappearance of domestic violence victim Marem Aliyeva sent to the ECHR

Yelizaveta Aliyeva, sister of Marem Aliyeva, who disappeared in 2015, has sent an application to the ECHR. She states that Marem disappeared without trace on September 19, 2015, following an argument with her husband, Mukharbek Yevloyev, who had repeatedly beaten her. The application states that the investigation into Marem’s disappearance is not being conducted effectively and the state authorities took no measures to prevent the violence committed against her. 

21 February 2017

ECHR awards 65,000 euros to relatives of abductee Ibragim Kushtov

“The ECHR’s judgment repeats its conclusions on the general ineffectiveness of criminal investigations in cases of abductions of people”, said Olga Gnezdilova, legal director at Justice Initiative. “Without any results from criminal investigations, all other possible means of legal protection remain out of reach in practice. The applicants had no possibility of recourse to effective remedy”.   The ECHR awarded the Kushtov family 65,000 euros as compensation for material and moral damages. 

7 February 2017

ECHR awards sentenced person 10,750 euros in damages for poor detention conditions at Prison Colony 22 in Arkhangelsk Region

“The ECHR has once again recognised that detention conditions in Russian prisons are akin to torture”, said Olga Gnezdilova, legal director at Justice Initiative. “Unfortunately, it remains the case today that imprisonment also brings physical suffering. The ECHR decision enters into force within 3 months and the applicant will receive compensation, but we hope that as well as settling the material side of the issue, the authorities will take steps to bring detention conditions into line with recognised standards”.