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News 21 - 22 of 22

7 February 2017

ECHR awards sentenced person 10,750 euros in damages for poor detention conditions at Prison Colony 22 in Arkhangelsk Region

“The ECHR has once again recognised that detention conditions in Russian prisons are akin to torture”, said Olga Gnezdilova, legal director at Justice Initiative. “Unfortunately, it remains the case today that imprisonment also brings physical suffering. The ECHR decision enters into force within 3 months and the applicant will receive compensation, but we hope that as well as settling the material side of the issue, the authorities will take steps to bring detention conditions into line with recognised standards”.

16 January 2017

Russian Justice Initiative provided prosecutors in Dagestan with 42 anonymous interviews collected during a study of female genital mutilation in the republic

On December 13, 2016, Russian Justice Initiative received via fax an official request from the Dagestan Prosecutor’s Office, stating that, in order to conduct an investigation, we “must provide information, complete with personal details, confirming the practice of these operations, on individuals involved in performing these operations, on the victims of these operations, on the individuals who surveyed the women and the experts, and information on the women and experts mentioned in the study”. Russian Justice Initiative published the study on female genital mutilation in Dagestan, with open access, on August 15, 2016. The study is based on results obtained through an anonymous qualitative study on the practice of female genital mutilation of girls in the Republic of Dagestan.