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17 May 2016

The ECHR, acting under its priority policy, took only five months to communicate the application filed by Russian Justice Initiative on behalf of Leyla Muruzheva

On April 28, 2016, officers from the Shali District Interior Ministry Office, after a three-year custody battle, returned to Chechnya resident Elita Magomadova her 7-year-old son, who was abducted by her former husband in 2013. Magomadova also filed a complaint with the ECHR. Lawyers from Russian Justice Initiative handle a considerable number of similar cases in which courts rule in favour of the mother, but children are not handed back. Bailiffs not carrying out court decisions regarding return of children to their mother’s custody is systemic in a number of North Caucasus regions.  

3 May 2016

The ECHR will examine a complaint for violation of article 8 of the Convention for Human Rights in the case of Anzor Mashukov

Anzor Mashukov, one of those sentenced in the Case of the 58, was sentenced by the Kabardino-Balkaria Supreme Court to life imprisonment. The state accuses him of a number of serious crimes, participation in a criminal group, active involvement in an armed uprising, attempted murder of law enforcement officers, unlawful possession of weapons and other crimes. Anzor Mashukov was detained 6 months after the events of 2005. His lawyer, Olga Kelemetova, said that he was effectively abducted from the territory of another country – Abkhazia. 

2 May 2016

Examination of Adam Khairulayev’s case continues in the European Court

The case materials show that on August 4, 2012, in the village of Komsomolskoye, Kizilyurt District, Republic of Dagestan, at around 2am, Adam Khairulayev was abducted, with numerous witnesses present, by armed, masked men dressed in camouflage gear. A criminal case was opened soon after, but the investigation was not conducted in effective fashion. The criminal case was unlawfully halted and resumed at least five times.    The applicant, the abducted man’s mother, believes that Khairulayev perhaps fell victim to extra-judicial punishment and that the investigators did not conduct an effective investigation into his forced disappearance and probable death. The accusations include violation of the right to life, ineffective investigation, and suffering caused to family members by the authorities’ lack of action. 

24 March 2016

Victim of severe torture in Kabardino-Balkaria applies to the European Court

Today Russian Justice Initiative sent a complaint to the European Court on behalf of Inal Berov, who was tortured during his detention by police in Kabardino-Balkaria. Nalchik resident Inal Berov, a car mechanic, was detained on 7 March 2012. Police officers demanded that he confess to armed robbery. After an informal “talk” with the law enforcercement officers in custody, Berov was left with a fractured spine, a concussion and multiple hematomas all over his body, including the scrotum.

21 March 2016

Request lodged to transfer investigation of domestic violence murder case from Ingushetia to Moscow

A petition was sent today to the Investigative Committee of Russia requesting the transfer to Moscow of the investigation into Marem Aliyeva’s murder from the Ingush investigative authorities. Lawyer Olga Gnezdilova of Russian Justice Initiative said the reason for the petition was  “the absence of investigation results and the continued threats to the victims, despite the state protection measures. In the six months that have passed since the disappearance of Marem, the investigation has not advanced a single step.”

17 March 2016

European Court grants interim measures for Nalchik accused

On 17 March 2016 the European Court for Human Rights satisfied the request of Russian Justice Initiative to order the application of urgent measures to the situation of Amur Khakulov, convicted in the context of the armed attack on Nalchik, currently suffering from kidney disease. The Court ordered the Russian government to immediately provide Khakulov with treatment via hemodialysis.

9 February 2016

Russia responsible for the deaths of 6 men in Chechnya, finds European Court

The applicants were awarded a total of 209 000 euro in pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages. In total, the Court awarded 369 000 euro in damages to all of the applicants in its two judgments.  "After the judgment enters into force the relatives of the victims will be paid the court-awarded compensation from the federal budget," said Olga Gnezdilova, Legal Director of Russian Justice Initiative. "The organization's lawyers will continue their efforts to obtain an effective investigation and accountability for the crimes."

28 January 2016

Russia’s Supreme Court upholds sentence for convicted in 2005 Nalchik attack case

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has today upheld the verdict issued by the Supreme Court of Kabardino-Balkaria in the criminal case concerning the 2005 attack on Nalchik, known as the “Trial of the 58.” The term of imprisonment was reduced by 6 months for all of the accused except those five who had previously received life sentences—Aslan Kuchmenov, Anzor Mashukov, Murat Bapinayev, Eduard Mironov and Rasul Kudayev. Russian Justice Initiative represented the interests of 12 defendants in the case in their appeals to the Russian Supreme Court and in their applications before the European Court of Human Rights, in which they alleged torture and cruel treatment as well as the denial of the right to effective counsel. At present, most of the complaints have been communicated to the Russian authorities. 

27 January 2016

Russia’s Supreme Court refuses release for severely ill prisoner

Russia’s Supreme Court refuses release for severely ill prisoner

Today the Supreme Court of Russia refused to release Amur Khakulov, a severely ill prisoner. Khakulov, who is accused of participating in the armed attack on the city of Nalchik in 2005, developed a kidney disease due to poor incarceration conditions at the detention center. Because of the lack of the prescribed medication in detention, his illness progressed and a year ago he was found to be chronically ill. At present, he is in extremely grave condition.

26 January 2016

Partner organizations of Russian Justice Initiative inspected under foreign agents legislation

The Russian Ministry of Justice has begun unplanned inspections of Foundation “Justice Initiative” in Nazran as well as the NGO “Legal Assistance – Astreya” in Moscow, which are the two leading partner organizations of Russian Justice Initiative (RJI). 

21 January 2016

Husband of domestic violence victim detained in Ingushetia

Husband of domestic violence victim detained in Ingushetia

On 21 January 2016, Muharbek Yevloyev, husband of Marem Aliyeva, was detained in accordance with Article 91 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation. Aliyeva has been missing for four months, and disappeared in life-threatening circumstances.